Document Translation

Document Translation could be explained as the process of converting a text document from its original language to a foreign language (or multiple languages), with content accuracy. A document translation team would consist of translators, proofreaders, in-country QA, and linguistic specialists, all of whom will work in sync to deliver an accurate and precisely translated document.

Its Importance

The content of a document could be of a varied nature; it could be a medical document, legal papers, a simple contract, an instruction manual, etc. and in each of these cases the accuracy of words is of utmost importance. In the framework of Localization where communication between people with diverse language barrier comes into play, a simple document and its accurate translation mean the world.

Our process at g11n

We have a presence in 45 countries with language translation capabilities in over 75 languages. Our translators are certified and accredited to manage any type of document, be it a medical, technical or generic file.
There is a 3 step process which is overseen by a Project Manager

Transfer the file

Once the file along with any special or specific instructions is received, the translation process can be initiated. But before we can initiate the translation we need to create and get the approval of a quote.

Quote and timeframe

On receiving the file and once the quote has been calculated a delivery timeframe can be set. This information is then shared with the client and once approved we can go ahead with the Translation.

Translation Process and Delivery

Once the quote has been finalized the translation is initiated. On completion of the translation the document will go through a QA process and is verified by an in-country translation editor.