Ezyi18n is a smart internationalization plugin for in Eclipse IDE Java developers with the goal to reduce effort of Internationalization. Ezyi18n simplifies adoption of software localization (L10n) process in agile environment. With companies launching their software products and applications for global markets faster than ever, Ezyi18n eases out the pressure to sim-ship global ready product that meets local requirements.

Ezyi18n produces translated webpages from automatically run UI & Layout script to provide a list of UI & Layout issues in each language, eliminating any need for psuedo-localization testing or Multilingual UI/Layout testing. Ezyi18n integrates internationalization and localization into your agile software development environment.

Typical internationalization issues are detected while in development so that the developers not spending time in fixing these issues at the end of the localization cycle. For example, typical faults that can be avoided are:

Why should ezyi18n be important to your agile internationalization development strategy?

  1. Pre-translate your UI and pre-empt all the localization defects instead of having to deal with them at the end of your localization lifecycle.
  2. Integrate ezyi18n into your agile development process to identify and fix I18n and L10n issues before the complete product localization.
  3. Most often, the UI and test changes are halted until the development, and it is not the most cost-effective way to translate the UI text right in the beginning of the development cycle.