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localization audit system

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AuditMe is a powerful yet simple localization audit system created for localization consumers with different levels of technical expertise. With an intuitive user interface AuditMe gives you the ability to automatically rank different segment changes for errors and severity. Internal formulas (based on LISA QA standards) will automatically output a quality score based on the word count of the document edited.

Empower your language quality processes with analytics

Gone are the days of excel management of your localization audit data and scrambling through them to make sense of if for your quarterly and yearly reviews. Get the analytics on the cloud; organized, classified, the way you need it. Move from quality control to quality governance.

Multi-level error typology that works for you

Track localization quality to the minutest classification though highly customizable error classification. Track quality and score based on your branding, style guide and content type compliance. You get the power to strategize; analyze gaps, fix process, enhance collateral, identify training needs, make vendor accountable.

Your linguists’ time = Cost

Save your costs by saving on the linguists’ hours. An hour saved a day on record keeping and communication on your LQA process will bring you smiles at the end of the quarter. Relieve you linguists off the administrative work; they can do more review and cost less.

A collaborative Audit Management System



Fill the audit form along with project specific meta-data, error type and severity, suggestions, comments and error classification. Report multiple audit comments in the same form, automatically aggregate score, and submit the report to multiple stakeholders.



Raise rebuttals and clarifications, discuss, call for arbitration, get score revisions; all of this online and effortless.


Project Teams

Report on specific project, target language, content classification, vendor, linguist, reviewer, error categories, error classifications, and all project meta-data. Compare linguist and vendor performance over time, get weighted averages for a time-period, and perform cross-vendor analysis.


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