Marketing Localization

When it comes to Localization in Marketing it’s not just all about simple translation. As in any Marketing requirement it’s about a whole lot more than mere transference of words from one language to another. Marketing Localization has to take into consideration the local market requirements, cultural idiosyncrasies and esthetics. Without the feel of the local market, localization would truly be an impossible task and an unachievable reality. Some of the tools used for successful Marketing Localization are

  • Transcreation
  • Multimedia Localization
  • Web Localization
  • Desktop Publishing

Marketing localization would also cover a host of different mediums, right from hard copy to all forms of digital marketing; and is part and parcel of any Localization process.

g11n has a dedicated team that deals with Marketing in the Localization process, as we realize its importance in regards to your business expansion needs. We will take you through not only the regular marketing process, but at every step of the process we have a dedicated Project Manager and well as in in-country language specialist. We realize that every country (and sometimes different regions within that country) has its specific language, linguistic and cultural requirements and specification. Our team is not only ready but also the most qualified fit for your Marketing Localization needs.