Search Engine Optimization

Global Search Engine Optimization (GSEO)

The g11n Global Search Engine Optimization (GSEO) will assist your internal SEO team or third party vendor/agency responsible for your site’s optimization in developing a Multi-Lingual Strategy, generating localized keywords and creating custom Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads.

This is far more than simple translation of keywords and ads: our consultants craft them in desired languages, taking into account search behavior of the local target market users.

Our service includes consulting support in identifying local search engines, establishing how to submit to a search engine, reviewing URLs, auditing content tags and words, and more. GSEO is an integral step to localizing your website and it is desirable to schedule this in conjunction with content development work. Alternatively, this can be carried out after the site has already been localized to maximize its reach in the target market.

Our quality assurance steps include

In-Country reviews by Subject Matter Experts
Testing of Localized material
Terminology Management