E-Learning Localization


E-Learning or Electronic learning is basically any learning done via an electronic medium. E-Learning could consist of school or any educational courses; it could also be job or career oriented training; it could be full-time or part-time or in-house or a distance education course. There are a number of benefits of e-learning; it’s cost effective, it’s mobile-friendly and can be accessed 24/7 and above all it’s a time saver.

Basic workflow

  • Study the scope of request
  • Gather and Organize content
  • Storyboard
  • Review and Edit
  • Develop the course
  • Quality Assurance Testing
  • Publish and Deploy

eLearning as part of Localization and its Benefits

Localization is the process of converting content from one language into the language of your target market, keeping in mind cultural and linguistic variables. When it comes to e-learning being localized…the process gets a little more complex as all the material is online. A very basic way of explaining it would be the process of taking a book of study material, translating the entire book and then converting it into a softcopy; but all this need to be done keeping in mind that the course need to be learner friendly, as there is most often no instructor involved. Due to the non-presence of an instructor you will find that most e-learning courses will include video recordings as well to aid the course.

Benefits of eLearning Localization

Global reach

With e-Learning Localization it is possible to reach a worldwide audience. There is no cap on the number of learners at one time and this not only increased your global reach, but also is financially extremely viable. There are initial costs…but the benefits by far outweigh them.

Diversity in e-learning

E-Learning is not just concentrated to schools and universities but it has diversified into each and every field. We will help you reach not only a global audience but a diverse global audience.