Game Localization

Gaming is a user-centric experience and in the life of a gamer it’s the total package that makes or breaks the gaming experience from the graphics, special effects, gaming experience, etc. to the language and connection he/she feels to the game. A game is meant to teleport the player into a world of its own and if there is a language barrier it would be like craving for chocolate ice-cream and getting vanilla. Here is where Gaming Localization comes into play.

So what exactly is gaming localization and why is it an essential component of the gaming industry? Gaming Localization is not just the translation of text from one language to the target language, but also includes conversion of hardware and software to be prepared for its introduction into the target market. This may include dubbing, voiceovers, localization of marketing material, and sometimes ever making the product culturally acceptable.

The Process

Research and Familiarize

Without knowing the game and learning it’s ever skill level, its menu and structure and target audience, it is impossible to localize the game efficiently.


All text and audio material is translated into the language of the target market requirement.


All audio is dubbed from the original language into the target language in the studio.


The recording and voiceovers are edited by a language expert.


This is the final step. The testing team will look into all the aspects of the game…right from the gaming experience to the accurate localization of the product.