Technology Localization

Technical Translation Services

Technical translation is the translation of documents related to scientific and technical subjects and using the specialized terminology database where the translators are subject matter experts in different technologies including computer hardware, semiconductors, software, mobile, Internet, networking, etc both in the source and in the target languages.

We are privileged and preferred localization services provider for a few well known fortune 100 enterprises, we support thier software and mobile app localization efforts worldwide, in 112+ languages.

In addition, we have multilingual experts in providing specific language support services tailored to the technology industry, including :

  • Technical Writing
  • Multilingual Marketing
  • Web Localization
  • Speech Data Collection

Cellular phones

When you look at your phone you take it for granted that the keys are in English; what about in China? Or Dubai? Or India? How do people in non-English speaking countries use a phone they do not understand? Well this is where you enter the amazing world of technology localization. Where technicians look into every single detail of that cellular phone and localize it to suit the local requirements. It’s not just changing the packaging of that phone; it’s a matter of localizing the technology in regards to the phone recognizing text abbreviations and auto-correcting words. Without technology localization a lot of text chat could horrible faux pas.

Global Positioning System or GPS

where would you be without your GPS system…literally!! There are a variety of GPS systems that are now available of phone apps and multiple devices. These devices maybe manufactured in China and shipped worldwide. So can you imagine if a GPS system you bought were manufactured in China and not localized? So once again technology localization comes into play. Not only are systems localized in regards to the language spoken but also in regards to certain local terminologies (a high-way in the UK is a freeway in the US).

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