Medical Translation

Medical Translation is the translation of documents pertaining to pharmaceutical, medical devices, medical procedures or healthcare. Basically any document related to the medical field and this could also include clinical trials.

Medical Translation Vs Medical Transcription

Medical transcription deals with the process of converting voice recordings by physicians or other healthcare professionals into a text format. In short, medical translation and medical transcription are not the same, as one is deals with the translation of text from one language to another (be it written or spoken) and the other with converting of voice format into text format.


As Localization experts we at g11n have a global network of certified and reliable in-country translators. We translate documents in over 75 languages globally. Medical translations require reliable and accurate translations, and with our team of experts you cannot go wrong. Our medical translation process includes

  • Localization of text
  • Proof-reading
  • In-Country review
  • Subject Matter Expert review
  • QA