Technical Translation

Technical translation pertains to translation of documents produced by technical writers such as owners’ manuals and user guides; it would also pertain to technological information and various technological texts. Technical translation is only one sub-category of the various types of translation services available, however it is now the largest sub-category, with more than 90% of all translation work done by technical translators.

Translator Vs Technical Translator

Due to the technical nature of this type of translation, expertise and in-depth knowledge of the subject matter is required. So technical translation would require not just a translator who would be able to translate the text from the original language to the target language


Our technical translation experts not only understand technical terminology but are localization experts as well. Every project is handled end-to-end by a team of certified experts; right from the localization process until QA. Every technical translation process will follow a standardized process, so that the highest level of quality is maintained.