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At g11n we provide exceptional Tigrinya translation services with quality and accuracy. We have professionally trained, certified native Tigrinya speaking translators with subject matter expertise across all industries to do English to Tigrinya translations and Tigrinya to English translations.

Tigrinya language (also spelled Tigrigna), is a Semitic language spoken by people of southern Eritrea and across the broader by people of Tigray region (northern Ethiopia). Tigrinya is also spoken by groups of emigrants from these regions, including some Beta Israel. Upon Eritrea’s independence in 1991, Tigrinya retained the status of working language in the country, the only state in the world to date to recognize Tigrinya on a national level. Tigrinya should not be confused with the related Tigre language. The latter also a Semitic language is spoken by the Tigre people, who mostly inhabit the lowland regions of Eritrea, where some exist in Sudan and north-west of Tigray region. Ethiopia is the most populous landlocked country in the world and the second-most populous nation on the African continent that covers a total area of 1,100,000 square kilometres.

Tigrinya is the most widely spoken language in Eritrea, and the fourth most spoken language in Ethiopia after Amharic, Somali and Oromo. About 7.5million speak Tigrinya world over. It is also spoken by large immigrant communities around the world, in countries including Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Germany, Italy, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States. In Australia, Tigrinya is one of the languages broadcast on public radio via the multicultural Special Broadcasting Service. Tigrinya dialects differ phonetically, lexically, and grammatically. No dialect appears to be accepted as a standard.

The nation is a land of natural contrasts, with its vast fertile west, its forests, and numerous rivers, and the world’s hottest settlement of Dallol in its north. The Ethiopian Highlands is the largest continuous mountain ranges in Africa. Ethiopia also has the most UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Africa. The country has since recovered and now has the largest economy (by GDP) in East Africa, having the largest population in the region. There is a great diversity of terrain with wide variations in climate, soils, natural vegetation and settlement patterns. The wide range of altitude has given the country a variety of ecologically distinct areas, and this has helped to encourage the evolution of endemic species in ecological isolation. Ethiopia has 31 endemic species of mammals. Ethiopia has a large number of species listed as critically endangered, endangered, and vulnerable to global extinction.

Agriculture constitutes around 85% of the labor force. Many other economic activities depend on agriculture, including marketing, processing, and export of agricultural products. Exports from Ethiopia in the 2009/2010 financial year totaled US$1.4 billion. The country produces more coffee than any other nation on the continent. Most regard Ethiopia’s large water resources and potential as its “white oil” and its coffee resources as “black gold”.

The rich ecosystem and diversity of Ethiopia make Tigrinya an ideal language to localize and find new markets to expand the business. In order to maintain the flavor, we will be approaching native resources depending on your requirement.

We have Tigrinya language experts in specific areas like Technical, Non-Technical, Legal, Retail, Advertising/Marketing, Life-Science, Financials among others.

Also, we at g11n ensure comprehensive security and confidentiality measures taken for the content provided by the client.

Professional Tigrinya Translation Services:

Our Services include:

  • Tigrinya Document Translation
  • Tigrinya Machine Translation
  • Tigrinya Transcreation
  • Tigrinya Linguistic QA
  • Tigrinya Marketing
  • Tigrinya copywriting
  • Tigrinya Transcription
  • Tigrinya Voiceovers and Subtitling
  • Tigrinya Document Management
  • Tigrinya E-Learning Support
  • Tigrinya Over the phone Interpretation
  • Tigrinya Typesetting
  • Tigrinya Graphics
  • Tigrinya Bilingual Staffing
  • Tigrinya Translation Services
  • Internationalization for Tigrinya language

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