Technical Transcription 

Technical transcription is the transcription of technical multimedia content into documents. Since the content is technical, it should always be reviewed by a technically sound reviewer to ensure that certain terms and phrases are captured and represented correctly. Technical transcription services involve analysis, detection, conversion and replacement of technical discussions of any nature into simple to understand text documents. Once the project goes through the transcription process, the document is then sent for localization, (this is only in cases where localization is also requested) post which it will be reviewed by a localization QA expert as well as a technical transcription expert. This happens simultaneously, so as to control the turnaround time of the project.

During the process of technical transcription it’s important to note the following;

  • The process should be hassle-free and use advance methods
  • Simplify complex technical data
  • Maintain speed and accuracy
  • Maintain effecting costing standards with high quality standards
  • Transcription expert should be technically advance to understand complex codes, should be able to decode technical terms and its usages.

Technical transcription is complex and challenging and it requires professional expertise and precise understanding of the technical terms. Having a technical transcription service done by an unskilled technical transcriptionist would end up in reduced quality output. So, you have to choose the right service provider. g11n is the right choice when it comes to technical transcription as our team consists of highly skilled and trained technical experts, and localization experts. Even before we start your project our experts use* their knowledge and expertise to conduct an in-depth pre-project analysis of the content; which in turn will help us provide you with and accurate delivery time-frame and quotation. Our technical transcription team work works hand-in-hand with our localization experts in order to provide you with not just technical transcription but accurately localized technically transcripted documents. All projects are overseen by our expert and dedicated Project Managers.