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At g11n we provide exceptional Swedish translation services with quality and accuracy. We have professionally trained, certified native Swedish speaking translators with subject matter expertise across all industries to do English to Swedish translations and Swedish to English translations.

Swedish is a North Germanic language spoken natively by 9.6 million people, predominantly in Sweden (as the sole official language), and in parts of Finland, where it has equal legal standing with Finnish. It is largely mutually intelligible with Norwegian and to some extent with Danish, although the degree of mutual intelligibility is largely dependent on the dialect and accent of the speaker. Swedish is a descendant of Old Norse, the common language of the Germanic peoples living in Scandinavia during the Viking Era. It has the most speakers of the North Germanic languages.

Standard Swedish, spoken by most Swedes, is the national language that evolved from the Central Swedish dialects in the 19th century and was well established by the beginning of the 20th century. While distinct regional varieties descending from the older rural dialects still exist, the spoken and written language is uniform and standardized.

Swedish morphology is similar to English; that is, words have comparatively few inflections. Swedish has two grammatical numbers – plural and singular. Adjectives have discrete comparative and superlative forms and are also inflected according to gender, number, and definiteness. The language has a comparatively large vowel inventory. Swedish is also notable for the voiceless palatal velar fricative, a highly variable consonant phoneme.

According to a rough estimation, as of 2010, there were up to 300,000 Swedish-speakers living outside Sweden and Finland. The largest populations were in the United States (up to 100,000), the UK, Spain, and Germany (c. 30,000 each) and a large proportion of the remaining 100,000 in the Scandinavian countries, France, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Canada and Australia. All of this points to why companies should translate into Swedish.

We have Swedish language experts in specific areas like Technical, Non-Technical, Legal, Retail, Advertising/Marketing, Life-Science, Financials among others.

Also, we at g11n ensure comprehensive security and confidentiality measures taken for the content provided by the client.

Professional Swedish Translation Services:

Our Services include:

  • Swedish Document Translation
  • Swedish Machine Translation
  • Swedish Translators
  • Swedish Translation Agency
  • Swedish Translation
  • Swedish Transcreation
  • Swedish Linguistic QA
  • Swedish Marketing
  • Swedish Copywriting
  • Swedish Transcription
  • Swedish Voiceovers and Subtitling
  • Swedish Document Management
  • Swedish E-Learning Support
  • Swedish Over the phone Interpretation
  • Swedish typesetting
  • Swedish Graphics
  • Swedish Bilingual Staffing
  • Swedish Translation Services
  • Internationalization for the Swedish Language

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