Process & Content Review

Process Review

g11n consultants have a wealth and depth of experience when it comes to the localization process and how it can be modified and customized to suit your needs. Together with your team we assess target markets, human resources, workflows, technology, and linguistic assets to design a process that is right for you. We formulate customized, streamlined approaches to effectively manage your content whether it be for its creation, localization or maintenance.

Content Review

The g11n content review is an exhaustive look at how content is created and managed within your organization.

Our review includes inspection of all technical aspects of content management, including:

  • CMS or other content management infrastructure review
  • Content repository mapping
  • Coding methods used

We scrutinize the text as well as any image, audio and video elements to assess the appropriateness of content for global, regional, and local use.

We partner closely with you in this process so that we may educate your team in understanding how content should be managed for globalization.