Localization Testing

Language Specific Quality Assurance

Localization Testing is to ensure that the localized product is fully functional, linguistically accurate, and that no issues were introduced during the localization cycle by specifically verifying the readiness of translated product for global release.

g11n Localization Testing reviews the localized product comprehensively. The text is evaluated based on language standards, translations are reviewed in context and formats (date, numbers, currencies, etc.) are scrutinized for consistency, truncations, layout issues, correct use while the overall product is validated for compatibility with localized hardware and software. Any unexpected functional issues are also documented here.

Linguistic Verification Testing is to secure commercial quality levels of any localized product user interface (UI) and help files.

g11n in-country native speakers perform linguistic verification in context and validate language suitability of the localized product’s user interface to confirm it meets expected quality levels before it is released to a specified target market.

Control Linguistic Quality through:

Language Quality Assurance during the Translation, Editing and Proofreading cycle.

Linguistic Testing with the localized build by in-country language-aware testers.

Is linguistic Verification Testing a key component of the Linguistic Quality Cycle?