Linguistic QA

Linguistic Quality Assurance (or LQA) is an integral part of the Localization process, which includes the verifying the accuracy of the language used in regards to its cultural accuracy, linguistic phrasing, terminology, etc. In the process of localization sometimes it’s viewed as an optional step to cut costs; this is not recommended as it doesn’t just check the language accuracies, but also help connect the content to the local target market.

LQA will always include 2 steps
Step 1 – This is where the content is checked by an editor on the basis of its completeness and language accuracy.
Step 2 – This is where the content is checked by an in-country or local linguist. This assures complete accuracy and quality of the localized content.

At g11n Quality Assurance is an integral part of all Localization projects and our aim is to deliver localization of the highest level of quality constantly. Our Linguistic QA team consists of Subject Matter Experts, In-Country linguistic and reviewers, as well as Project Managers.

Our quality assurance steps include

In-Country reviews by Subject Matter Experts
Testing of Localized material
Terminology Management