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g11n has announced the release of an updated version of AuditMe. As a part of their continued efforts to focus on helping customers produce high quality, reusable and consistent translated content; AuditMe has been revised to create a first-of-its-kind auditing platform for localized content.

AuditMe offers a robust medium to automate your enterprise LQA process with the flexibility of customizing quality scoring business logic for all kinds of content; technical documents, marketing collaterals, training materials, and websites.

The new features of the LQA tool include;

Content Type (Tier classification) – While content classification is not new, AuditMe has introduced Tiers for various content types. You can now add another layer to LQA scoring which helps in having different weightages based on the content type. For example, you can apply rigorous LQA scoring to marketing content and switch to a more lenient approach for content pertaining to technical documents.

Automated data import workflow from your TMS quality metrics – AuditMe uses an intelligent and automated loading process of your quality data that is exported or dumped from your enterprise TMS.

Audit Approval Workflow – Extended customizable workflow for project managers and quality leads to be able to approve the LQA for a project before releasing it to the localization vendor or the customer.

Quick and easy dashboard reports – This version of AuditMe provides a dashboard for all your vendors’ localization quality scores and helps to analyze and stack rank your vendors’ performance for each language over a period of time; providing on-time reports for your business review meetings.

AuditMe aims at empowering organizations to facilitate improved content quality, easy identification of discrepancies and also ensuring that the errors are resolved in a timely and effective manner.

“Our major focus for this new version has been to level up the language quality audit process to aid the global enterprises to improve and continually re-benchmark their quality standards with a flexible and scalable approach that is tailored specifically according to the customer requirements. We have given specific importance to the content structure and created an elaborate analysis mechanism of various error types that can be identified, tracked and analyzed to take immediate corrective measures.” says Rahul Kumar, who is the VP of Operations, g11n.

About g11n

g11n Inc. is a globalization management company that supports the complete life cycle of global software & product launches. g11n products and solutions address the global/multilingual release and launch. The platform simplifies multilingual product translation, standardizes global brand language, automates localization testing, and integrates global recruitment/training. It also provides a comprehensive outlook across the globalization portfolio with metrics, adoption and investment information integrated into an actionable dashboard. With a very diverse cultural and geographic background, g11n has production and testing centers worldwide and provides multilingual testing services for a variety of products and operating systems in over 80 countries.

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