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At g11n we provide exceptional Czech translation services with quality and accuracy. We have professionally trained certified native Czech speaking translators with subject matter expertise across all industries to do English to Czech translations and Czech to English translations.

Czech historically also Bohemian is a West Slavic language of the Czech–Slovak group. Spoken by over 10 million people, it serves as the official language of the Czech Republic. Czech is closely related to Slovak, to the point of mutual intelligibility to a very high degree. Like other Slavic languages, Czech is a fusional language with a rich system of morphology and relatively flexible word order. Its vocabulary has been extensively influenced by Latin and German.

The Czech–Slovak group developed within West Slavic in the high medieval period, and the standardization of Czech and Slovak within the Czech–Slovak dialect continuum emerged in the early modern period. In the later 18th to mid-19th century, the modern written standard became codified in the context of the Czech National Revival. The main vernacular, known as Common Czech, is based on the vernacular of Prague but is now spoken throughout most of the Czech Republic. The Moravian dialects spoken in the eastern part of the country are also classified as Czech, although some of their eastern variants are closer to Slovak. All of this points to why companies should translate into Czech.

Besides the Shtokavian dialect, on which Standard Czech is based, there are two other main dialects spoken on the territory of Croatia, Chakavian and Kajkavian. These dialects and the four national standards are usually subsumed under the term “Serbo-Czech” in English, though this term is controversial for native speakers and paraphrases such as “Bosnian-Czech-Montenegrin-Serbian” are therefore sometimes used instead, especially in diplomatic circles.

Czech is a member of the West Slavic sub-branch of the Slavic branch of the Indo-European language family. There are 3 major varieties for Czech; ‘Common Czech’ which is spoken in and around Prague region, ‘Bohemian dialects’ which is spoken mostly in marginal rural areas and ‘Moravian dialects’ which is spoken in Moravia and Silesia. Czech and Slovak have been considered mutually intelligible; speakers of either language can communicate with greater ease than those of any other pair of West Slavic languages.

We have Czech language experts in specific areas like Technical, Non-Technical, Legal, Retail, Advertising/Marketing, Life-Science, Financial etc.

Also, we at g11n ensure comprehensive security and confidentiality measures taken for the content provided by the client.

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Our Services include:

  • Czech Document Translation
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  • Czech Translators
  • Czech Translation Agency
  • Czech Translation
  • Czech Transcreation
  • Czech Linguistic QA
  • Czech Marketing
  • Czech Copywriting
  • Czech Transcription
  • Czech Voiceovers and Subtitling
  • Czech Document Management
  • Czech E-Learning Support
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  • Czech typesetting
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  • Czech Bilingual Staffing
  • Czech Translation Services
  • Internationalization for the Czech Language

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