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At g11n we provide exceptional Bulgarian translation services with quality and accuracy. We have professionally trained, certified native Bulgarian speaking translators with subject matter expertise across all industries to do English to Bulgarian translations and Bulgarian to English translations.

Bulgarian is an Indo-European language, a member of the Southern branch of the Slavic language family. Bulgarian, along with the closely related Macedonian language (collectively forming the East South Slavic languages), has several characteristics that set it apart from all other Slavic languages: changes include the elimination of case declension, the development of a suffixed definite article (see Balkan language area), and the lack of a verb infinitive, but it retains and has further developed the Proto-Slavic verb system. Various evidential verb forms exist to express unwitnessed, retold, and doubtful action. With the accession of Bulgaria to the European Union on 1 January 2007, Bulgarian became one of the official languages of the European Union

Bulgarian was the first “Slavic” language attested in writing. The first mention of the language as the “Bulgarian language” instead of the “Slavonic language” comes in the work of the Bulgarian clergy of the Bulgarian Archbishopric of Ohrid in the 11th century, for example in the Bulgarian hagiography of Saint Clement of Ohrid by Theophylact of Ohrid (late 11th century).

Modern Bulgarian was based essentially on the Eastern dialects of the language, but its pronunciation is in many respects a compromise between East and West Bulgarian (see especially the phonetic sections below). Following the efforts of some figures of the National awakening of Bulgaria (most notably Neofit Rilski and Ivan Bogorov), there had been many attempts to codify a standard Bulgarian language; however, there was much argument surrounding the choice of norms. All of this points to why companies should translate into Bulgarian.

We have Bulgarian language experts in specific areas like Technical, Non-Technical, Legal, Retail, Advertising/Marketing, Life-Science, Financials among others.

Also, we at g11n ensure comprehensive security and confidentiality measures taken for the content provided by the client.

Professional Bulgarian Translation Services:

Our Services include:

  • Bulgarian Document Translation
  • Bulgarian Machine Translation
  • Bulgarian Transcreation
  • Bulgarian Linguistic QA
  • Bulgarian Marketing
  • Bulgarian copywriting
  • Bulgarian Transcription
  • Bulgarian Voiceovers and Subtitling
  • Bulgarian Document Management
  • Bulgarian E-Learning Support
  • Bulgarian Over the phone Interpretation
  • Bulgarian Typesetting
  • Bulgarian Graphics
  • Bulgarian Bilingual Staffing
  • Bulgarian Translation Services
  • Bulgarian Translation Services
  • Internationalization for Bulgarian language

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