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At g11n we provide exceptional Azerbaijani translation services with quality and accuracy. We have professionally trained, certified native Azerbaijani speaking translators with subject matter expertise across all industries to do English to Azerbaijani translations and Azerbaijani to English translations.

Azerbaijani or Azeri, sometimes also Azeri Turkic or Azeri Turkish, that is spoken primarily by the Azerbaijanis, who live mainly in Transcaucasia and Iran. Caucasian Azerbaijani and Iranian Azerbaijani have significant differences in phonology, lexicon, morphology, syntax and loanwords. Azerbaijani has official status in the Republic of Azerbaijani and Dagestan (a federal subject of Russia) but Azerbaijani does not have official status in Iran, where the majority of Azerbaijanis live. It is also spoken to lesser varying degrees in Azerbaijani communities of Georgia and Turkey and by diaspora communities, primarily in Europe and North America. The standardized form of Caucasian Azerbaijani (spoken in the Republic of Azerbaijan and Russia) is based on the Shirvani dialect, while Iranian Azerbaijani uses the Tabrizi dialect as its prestige variety.

79% of the population of Azerbaijan are internet users. In 2018, Azerbaijani language and literature programs are offered in the United States at several universities, including Indiana University, UCLA, and University of Texas at Austin. The vast majority, if not all Azerbaijani language courses teach Caucasian Azerbaijani written in the Latin script and not Iranian Azerbaijani wrote in the Arabic script. Moreover, Azerbaijan trades in carpets, jewelry, ceramics. Armudu glass etc. These makes Azerbaijani an ideal language to localize and find new markets to expand the business. In order to maintain the flavor, we will be approaching native resources depending on your requirement, Caucasian Azerbaijani or Iranian Azerbaijani.

We have Azerbaijani language experts in specific areas like Technical, Non-Technical, Legal, Retail, Advertising/Marketing, Life-Science, Financials among others.

Also, we at g11n ensure comprehensive security and confidentiality measures taken for the content provided by the client.

Professional Azerbaijani Translation Services:

Our Services include:

  • Azerbaijani Document Translation
  • Azerbaijani Machine Translation
  • Azerbaijani Translators
  • Azerbaijani Translation Agency
  • Azerbaijani Translation Agency
  • Azerbaijani Translation
  • Azerbaijani Transcreation
  • Azerbaijani Linguistic QA
  • Azerbaijani Marketing
  • Azerbaijani Copywriting
  • Azerbaijani Transcription
  • Azerbaijani Voiceovers and Subtitling
  • Azerbaijani Document Management
  • Azerbaijani E-Learning Support
  • Azerbaijani Over the phone Interpretation
  • Azerbaijani typesetting
  • Azerbaijani Bilingual Staffing
  • Azerbaijani Translation Services
  • Internationalization for Azerbaijani language

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