Website Localization

Website Localization

Website Localization is the process of reconstructing an existing website into another language, keeping in mind not just the linguistic but also the cultural nuances. A localized website must have a natural feel and flow to it when viewed by the locals. It must not feel like a translated website that does not connect with the general local population. While creating a website there are usually two main factors- the programming and the language. However in website localization there is one more factor that comes into play and that is the local culture/linguistics. Creators would keep in mind local dialect, cultural norms, beliefs, values, traditions, taboos, local slangs, etc. all in a bid to connect with the reader.


Website Localization allows worldwide users to feel at home on the world wide web. In today day and age where nothing stays completely "local" and the world is one big melting pot…it's important to bring users/viewers together and not alienate them. Here is where Website Localization comes into play. It may sometimes feel like an unnecessary step, but it may come down to something as simple as giving a customer directions to your office; do u take the Metro or Tube; Tram or Trolley. These words mean something completely different in two different countries.

At g11n we realize the importance of website localization towards the success of your global business; be it a website or an e-commerce portal or an online marketing tool. Our team not only consists of web designers but also localization specialists, who work in collaboration with each other, through every step of the website localization process. This results in a flawless and smooth process.

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